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What Not To Do When Hat Thing?
Yiwu Moresunshine Hat Factory | Updated: Apr 20, 2016

1, do not wear a hat for a long time without washing

People rich in sebaceous glands of the scalp, especially the youth, secretion of sebum and sweat dust adsorption, can make the brim or lined in greasy filth, stink, it was fatty good propagation of saprophytic fungi in the environment. Such a dirty hat on his head, is easily and scalp Folliculitis caused by friction. Moreover, after sweat evaporation is corrosive, hats become brittle, fade, and can be easily damaged.

2, not too loose and not too tight

Hat size, commensurate with his head. Hats are too small, worn on the head is too tight, uncomfortable, affecting the blood circulation of the head. Hat is too large, warm and easy to fall off. When selecting a hat, head circumference should be considered the size of the volume as well as hats, hair changes in shrink after washing. Teenagers are in developmental stages, hat selection up to large health selected hat should focus on practical winter hat to choose soft and comfortable, lightweight warm summer selection of light, ventilation, and pale.

3, do not just take off your hat

When winter hat, should pay attention to is not free to take off his hat. After running sweat, for instance, or just into higher indoor temperatures, random hat, easily due to body heat quickly spread from the head, caused by colds.