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Select Hats Mainly Take Into Account Several Aspects
Yiwu Moresunshine Hat Factory | Updated: Apr 20, 2016

First, select the appropriate Hat according to the shape of your face. Person's face can be divided into three types: oval face, round face, square face. Seeds usually chins more pointed, more appropriate with a domed Cap. Round face with a domed CAP, is small face, hat, wearing a peaked CAP is more suitable. Face the other two faces are more likely to choose a hat, wear all the hats are more appropriate.

Second, choose appropriately according to their body's hat. Tall people should not wear a top hat, the hat should be larger rather than smaller, or gives a head light feet, high above. Short people should not wear a CAP, otherwise it will seem shorter.

Third, according to costume selection and matching hat. Plain clothes can choose a bright color or color hat to boost highlight embellishment. If too bright or garish clothing, choose monochromatic grain a little hat, this match but brilliant as well however, and highlight the elegance.