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How To Choose A Sun Hat?
Yiwu Moresunshine Hat Factory | Updated: Apr 20, 2016

Wear a suitable Sun hats in the summer, not only shade to avoid Sun and protects the skin, but also plays a decorative role. Select Sun hats are exquisite. Take a look at visor selection tips below:

1, according to frequency of use options: summer people in the field, select Sun Hat should focus on its sun-shading functions, light, broad-brimmed straw hats and caps are the most suitable. People who work indoors, only on the way to or from work wearing a Sun Hat, should in terms of colors, patterns and highlight its decorative features.

2, and according to shape select: shape symmetry of women, select Sun cap of room larger; shape chunky of women should as select light, and narrow eaves of Sun Cap; neck more short of people, to half eaves and narrow eaves of Sun Cap compared right, if selected wearing wide eaves of Sun CAP, will makes people produced a suppressed sense; skin white of people can select color compared yan of Sun Cap; colour partial black of people should select pink, and orange, and shallow grey of Sun Cap.

3, choose according to hairstyles: long hair women choose to wear around the broad-brimmed Sun Hat, can the hair to avoid drying results; people with short hair, narrow or choose to wear broad-brimmed Sun hats are more appropriate.

4, selected according to their age: young people choose brightly colored fashionable Sun Hat and bring warm and bubbly personality; middle-aged man is generous, mature and calm the age characteristics should be highlighted.

5, according to the temperament of choice: when selecting a hat note matches the personality. Playful girl to choose a color contrast slightly exaggerated, prominent personalities, style Sun hat. As a career woman, you should select to show skill and no shortage of feminine Sun hat.