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How To Choose A Hat?
Yiwu Moresunshine Hat Factory | Updated: Apr 20, 2016

Hat variety, can be classified according to kind such as baseball hats, Sun hats, children hats, according to the season can be divided into spring and autumn winter hats, summer hats, caps, according to child's age can be divided into infant hats, children hats.

CAP aims to prevent sand, strong sunlight, rain sometimes. Therefore, in the case of indoor temperature does not need to wear a hat, according to climate conditions while you are out choosing the right hat.

Depending on the season, choose a different color and style of hat. Dark colors absorb light increase warmth, light colors reflect light can increase the sense of cool. During the winter you should choose warm and good, can cover the ears, dark wool Beanie, ventilated cool light Liang Mao should be chosen in the summer. School children should be wearing a yellow hat, yellow, stimulation of the Visual sense of, to avoid the occurrence of an accident.

Hat size is suitable with the head circumference, is generally based on the circumference of head circumference to enlarge 1 cm (or head diameter enlarged 0.3 cm); sizes appropriate to relax the objective is to prevent the hat too tight, detrimental to the child's head growth, preventing CAP after a effect. 42~48 cm baby hats, beanie 50~55 cm.

Baby's head of flesh is delicate, adaptation to climate change, to choose to wear lightweight, soft, breathable insulation Cap; if the hat is too heavy, skills, not only babies wear uncomfortable and bad for brain development. Baby hat no brim is a good choice, so that mother and breastfeeding, while sleeping in a cradle and bed and can see the things around.