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Wool Hat how to knit?

136-pin, 15 stitches, needles, 12 rows of treasure, and two lines under the needle. Finish the first group: each group made up of two parts.

Three needle stitch, this is the pick of the stitch from left needle to right needle on the reel and then knit three stitches, it is picked up after the finish of the first pattern of the second row of stitches on the needle, same as the first line, three stitches on needle, pick up a PIN. To pick the needle has been presented with a line.

To pick it directly from left needle to right needle around a coil of woven into the third group took complete, a total of four sets of flowers. A stitch in every 4 stitches and 14 rows, 16 rows two needles and a needle, then tighten the string to complete.