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What purpose does the hat?

1, in favor of vascular health the elderly as well as young people, after all, smooth, even has a little hardened, if cold, and inevitably cause cerebral vasoconstriction, the lighter you will feel dizzy, headache, heavier accidents occur. Therefore, older people can't underestimate the health functions of hat. In addition, such as woolly hat, dress hats, can also cover and protect the ears.

2, in favor of keeping warm to cold, people dressed in thick winter clothes and shoes, but many people do not have the habit of wearing a hat. As everyone knows, the head of the body is also very warm. What's more, most of the old hair is sparse (easy to heat), needed a hat to keep warm. Winter Hat material is wool, woolen cloth, or even coat down jacket, thick texture, good insulation.

3, increase the appearance if they wanted a beautiful, stylish hat, gray hair can be "wrapped"; If Hat styles and colors to match the costume, you can show wear coordinated look. There is a dialect, saying "gimmicks gimmicks, tricks on your head." And the old gray-haired head, allows the hat to landscaping.