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What kind of face shape matches the kind of hat

Hat is worn on the head dress, and most can cover the entire top of the head. Mainly used to protect the head, part of the Hat will be a highlight of the edge, can cover the Sun. Hat shading, decoration, warming and protective functions. So many choices there. Hat can also be used as a dress, first according to face shapes to choose the right hat. Next to select a hat according to your own body.

Oval face of people, for wearing various hat, just Cap type depth to moderate, to show face of 1/3 around for good; party type face of people, hat styling to by proportion high some, face show 3/4 suitable, for octagonal CAP, and cowboy CAP, and volume side CAP, and hat,; round face of people, hat should design into square, and pointed shaped or polygon for good, for Bailey CAP, and CAP, and CAP, and Knight CAP,; long type of people, hat should not be high, or will makes face is more long, face to show 2/3 for better, for fisherman Cap , Large brimmed hat, etc.