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Visor selection tips

Sun Hat shading, decoration, warming and protective functions. So many choices there.

First according to face shapes to choose the right hat. People faces the main square (face), circular (round face) and sharp (sharp face) three.

Round face with a domed CAP, it is face, small hats. Such as wearing a large cap is appropriate. Tip it face to face who wears a cap on small, even more gaunt. Dai Yuan CAP is appropriate. Face who wears all the hats are appropriate.

Next to select a hat according to your own body. Man hat should be larger rather than smaller in height, or to the head light foot heavy feeling. Short people, on the contrary. High tall women should not be capped, or gave the impression that "and" tall. Miss short not clear lenses broad-brimmed hat, will seem shorter. A hat and dress, try to avoid weaknesses, even if their satisfaction, but also makes people beautiful. Form and color of the hat must clothes, scarves, gloves and shoes, such as matching. Ladies and gentlemen wear glasses, don't wear hats with complex floral and not hooded brow, high hat, this will show your natural grace and elegance.