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Hat selection recommendations

Speaking gentleman top hat, is that a lot of people love-hate accessories, love it looks elegant and beautiful styles, hated it so the eye makes many gentleman sportsman "discouraged", will be afraid to wear clothes on the wrong shoes, ruined this excellent workmanship, expensive hat. Today, on how to analyze and summarize it for you to take advantage of the Nice Hat styling points for yourself!

To the gentleman to wear caps correctly, first of all to understand the material and match of the season.

The "winter" season hat, choose dark wool material, both warm and most fit our autumn and winter seasons used to wear dark clothing;

"Spring-summer" two hats, basically just plays a decorative role, the permeability of the material is extremely important, woven straw hat, or some other breathable material is a good choice, most likely to create a light Hat Eastern Mediterranean-style holiday fan.