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Hat really chose the right kind?

Baseball Cap:

If you have a spiral roll of hair, it is equipped with a baseball cap! m-can fade a baseball cap is too gentle and feminine, so you become more active.

Super wide-brimmed Sun Hat:

Super wide-brimmed Sun Hat soft and feminine charm, reciting blows there is a say a woman. If such a CAP has a vertical on the beautiful head of hair, exudes pure clean scent.

A wide-brimmed straw hat:

This kind of hat brim is wide and large, plus Hat decoration of flowers, it looks nice and stylish, and of course, with a hint of sweet pastoral. So go with this kind of hat must have two free to tie up the braid. Whether sweet or is the girl in the atmosphere, by the right hairstyles match the right hat, and produce a pleasing sense of kind of sweet.