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Hat category much?

Hat by uses points, has snow cap, and hat, and Sun CAP, and helmet, and dust cap, and nightcap, and work CAP, and tourism CAP, and hat,; hat by using object and style points, has male CAP, and female CAP, and child CAP, and minority CAP, and couples CAP, and cowboy CAP, and sailor CAP, and CAP, and police cap, and career CAP,; hat by making material points, has fur hats, and felt hat, and hair Fedora, and long Mao Fu CAP, and velvet wearing, and straw hat, and bamboo hats,.

Hats by style features, beret, Cap, bell-shaped CAP, triangular pointed hats, FASHION HATS, youth hat, scarf hats, bonnets, caps in Heilongjiang province, Beijing-style hat, Shanxi caps, cotton-eared hats, star anise, Shorty and tiger-head caps, and so on. Hat size to "," to said. Marking part of the hat is a hat it took Cone, measured with a tape measure caps it took inner perimeter, data obtained from the hat. "Number" is based on the head circumference sizes. Caps get method is to use a measuring tape, measure around the head (forehead and head back the projecting parts) a week, tape measure slightly rotate head circumference head circumference sizes at this time.

Hat quality specifications, design, materials, manufacturing aspects to reflect. Specifically, the specification, the standard requirements; modeling should be beautiful and generous, reasonable structure, symmetry or coordinating the various parts; materials should meet the requirements.