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Cap of maintenance tips

1, never as much as in the rain, moisture will wreck material, damage caps, do not put the CAP into contact with oily substances.

2 save, prepare a box as hat, box in the desiccant, hat into before with some of the filler cap, and determine the hat is dry and clean.

After 3, took off the hat, don't lightly put, should hang on the coat rack or coat hook, which do not lead to avoid aliasing distortion.

4, hats worn long, hat inside and outside coated with grease, dirt, wash away in a timely manner. Cap lining can be removed washed, then stretched on, lest Hat liner sweat stain on damp, moldy affect Hat life. Hat gray often brush attached to the CAP surface sludge, grease, use a soft brush dipped in hot soapy water and gently scrub, and then washed with water. Scrub hat, can find a hat of the same size pot or ceramic pots, wash hat on top, so as to avoid aliasing.

5, hat collection, brush away the dust, wash away dirt, drying in the Sun for a while (remember not prolonged sun exposure), then wrapped and placed in a hat box, stored in ventilated, dry place, and placed in the storage box desiccant to prevent damp.

6, hat cleaning special, not soggy (such as feathers, sequins, or backing paper hats, and so on), if the CAP is made of cotton can be washed, hats are paper pad, you can only wipe not wash, the most taboo to use the washing machine.